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The goal of the workshop to rediscover the fun of drawing, improve visual thinking and help to communicate the ideas in graphic form.

We kicked of the workshop with the legendary RSA series, namely the Changing Education Paradigms lecture -- and then was time to clear the tables, close the MacBooks and get the black markers ready.

First, we started of some freehand circles to loosen up and re-enable motor skills we all once had. So, draw as fast as you can: six medium circles, six small circles, some circles have babies, circle Inception, Mother Earth Circle.

From there, we continued with human expressions: happy, sad, surprised, terrified, exchausted, angry, excited, ashamed:

Then on to object drawing: from simple everyday objects to tricker concepts: toothbrush, sausage, car, bus stop, clock, sausage sandwitch, keycard, french press, cubicles, getting late for an academic quater, speeding camera:

Now it was time to some typographic doodling: write the names of five Estonian celebrities, come up with typefaces that express the personality of the particular person.

Finally, we moved to storyboards: illustrate you day so far -- from getting out of the bed to make it to the class.