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@TermKit Hey, what’s the status of the project?

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@khawkins98 Are you at the #drupalconmunich code sprint? Join the ux team! #drupalcon

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Can you comment on open data hosted in the (commercial) clouds? #askanked #drupalcon

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Graphic design skills are ramping up in #drupalcon: not a single case of bad typography on T-shirts so far

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Arriving to #drupalconmunich in next Monday - anybody up for a beer and #drupal UX discussion? #drupalcon

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Drupal 8 presentation in Drupalcamp Tallinn 2012

Here are my slides (PDF) for Drupalcamp Tallinn 2012 what was held in this June in capital of Estonia. I was focusing on bringing latest news from Drupal 8 issue queue and rallied people to contribute – taking hints form webchick's slide deck.

Rest of the presentations are here, along them there several interesting ones, including case study from one of the biggest Estonian Drupal migrations so far.

We also founded a nonprofit organization "Drupal Estonia" during the event: finally there is a have a proper legal body to maintain domain, have a fully transparent financing, organize conferences and events and throw parties in mystic foggy marshes.

7. 8. 2012 drupal english presentations

Bringing latest Drupal 8 vibe to Estonia, here are my slides #drupal #drupalcamp #drupalcampest

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Drupal development using Git, Sublime Text and Console under Windows

This guide is compiled for Drupal Estonia Hackday where I held a workshop on Drupal development under Windows. For a long-time OSX user it struck me that creating a fully working development environment under Windows is not that hard at all.

Note that this guide only deals with command line and code editing experience, it does not help to set up LAMP stack for Drupal.

Getting started

  1. Install Git
  2. Install Sublime Text
  3. Install Console…est/download. Note that you will need to unpack, copy "Console2" dir to to "C:\Program Files (x86)" and create shortcut icon yourself.
  4. Install Drush…ws_installer

What about Github for Windows?

Freshly baked eases some of the pain of setting up Git on Windows and also includes full Git command line client but it's best for developing for Github only. Non-Github remote repositories are supported, but they are a bit buggy, at least in initial version. At the time of writing only cloning works nicely, building local repo and assigning remote is not properly recognized and need extra steps. Also, re-using Github SSH keys requires command line knowledge and autogenerated dotfiles (.gitignore etc) might bring confusion for newcomers. Still this pretty Github application might bring a lot of potential in the future, especially for visual merging etc.

Setting command line alias for Sublime Text

  1. Run "Git Bash"
  2. Enter following commands:
echo 'alias sub="/c/Program\ Files/Sublime\ Text\ 2/sublime_text.exe"' >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

Now you can enter sub . in any directory in the command line to run Sublime Text.

Also, you might want to configure Sublime Text to more predictable startup experience. Go to Preferences -> Settings – User and adjust following settings to false:

"hot_exit": false
"remember_open_files": false

Setting Git default editor to Sublime Text

To save you from thrown into Vim when commiting without -m option it's wise to set Git to throw you to Sublime Text instead.

git config --global core.editor "'C:/Program Files/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text.exe'"

Set up Console to run Git shell

  1. Run Console
  2. Go to "Edit -> Settings"
  3. Fill "Shell" field with
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe /c ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\sh.exe" --login -i"
  1. Fill "Startup dir" field with your working directory, usually something like C:\Users\your_username\your_working_directory

See also…into-console

Set up Git config

git config --global "my fullname goes here"
git config --global my_email_goes_here

Note that you must fill in my fullname goes here and my_email_goes_here. E-mail must match with e-mail you have used for registration in

There are many additional tricks to set up a more workable Git config, for examples see here:…

Generate SSH Keys

First, make sure you have account and you have applied for Git access in Drupal You also might want to have Github account

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "my_email_goes_here"
sub ~/.ssh/

Note that you must to fill in my_email_goes_here. Actually, it does not have to be e-mail, it can be any string but using e-mail is a convention.

Upload SSH keys

Then copy all the contents of the ~/.ssh/ file to:

…to ->Version control -> Profile -> SSH Keys (help here).

…to Github: (help here).

Finally, lets started with Git

Creating new repo

mkdir test
cd test
git init
echo "About this project" > README.txt
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"

Push repo to Drupal

First create a new sandbox project in…ject-project. When done, navigate to Version control tab and run

git remote add origin
git push origin master

Note that you must to fill in your_drupalname and your_sandbox_id.

…or push repo to Github

Go to, ignore "Initialize this repository with a README" setting.

git remote add origin
git push origin master

Note that you must to fill in your_username and your_projectname.

Git and Drupal development

Apply a patch with three lines

git clone <a href="" title=""></a>
cd drupal
curl link_to_the_patch | git apply

Note that you must to fill in link_to_the_patch with actual URL

Roll back in one line:

git reset --hard

Create a patch for Drupal:

There is comprehensive manual for creating Drupal patches…instructions but in most simple form it goes like this:

git clone <a href="" title=""></a>
cd drupal
sub .
...edit something and save...
git diff

This gives you a overview what you have changed. To save patch to a file, run:

git diff > ~/my_patches_dir/my_patch_name.patch

More info about Git…eview/135990…t_screencast

19. 6. 2012 drupal git english

#drupalcamp Estonia is happening this Thursday, June 14 in #tallinn uni. Talking about #drupal 8. Be there!

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I finally found a replacement for my aging Twitter client. Hibari is as good as Nambu with even more minimalistic #UI

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Estonian MIT urbanist wunderkind right now on Ustream

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RT @petskratt kika jagas miskit mixtape'i ja nüüd mängib arvuti juba pool päeva ainult brasiilia mussi. kinni panna kah ei julge. mis teha?

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Long-lost pycho groove gems from South America, my first #mixtape for Mixcloud More info here

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Sadhu mixtape

I just compiled a mixtape of Latin American long-lost groove, focusing on pychedelic flavouring, folk garnishing and raw jazzy biscuits. The mix is part of SadhuTape world music mixtape series. Rizpect for DJ Masu to ask me in.

Listen the mix here:…-dj-mosaiik/ and download it here (100MB)

Here's the playlist:

  1. Grupo 606 "Rompe, cruza O Ayúdame" – Psicofásicos De Bolivia: Go-Gó A 4000 Metros, Boliivia 1969
  2. Raulzinho "Tesouro de São Miguel" – International Hot, Brasiilia 1969
  3. Totem "Descarga" (edit) – Descarga, Uruguai 1972
  4. Wganda Kenya "Pim-Pom", Afromania: Caribe, Kolumbia ?
  5. Raul Seixas "Mosca na sopa" (edit) – Krig-Ha Bandolo, Brasiilia 1973
  6. João Donato "Cala boca menino" – Quem É Quem, Brasiilia 1968
  7. Módulo 1000 "Curtíssima" – Posições, Brasiilia 1971
  8. Eliseu Da Silva Barra "As Turbinas Estao Ligadas" – As Turbinas Estao Ligadas 7" / Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, Brasiilia 1971
  9. Luiz Eça & La Sagrada Familia "Yemele" – La Nueva Onda Del Brazil, Brasiilia 1970
  10. Hyldon "Buzios" (edit) – Deus, A Natureza E A Musica, Brasiilia 1976
  11. Wganda Kenya "Shakalaode", Afromania: Caribe, Kolumbia ?
  12. Irakere "Bacalao con Pan", Bacalao con Pan / Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats Of Revolutionary Cuba, Kuuba ?
  13. Som Três "Irmãos coragem" – Toboga, Brasiilia 1970
  14. Black Sugar "When You're Walking" – Viajecito, USA / Puerto Rico 1972
  15. Hyldon "Morte Doce", Deus, A Natureza E A Musica, Brasiilia 1976
  16. Spiteri "El interior del alma" (edit) – Spiteri, Venetsueela 1973
  17. Traphico "Amor Es Tu Libertad" – Traphico, Kolumbia 1980
  18. Black Sugar "Checan" (edit)- Viajecito, USA / Puerto Rico 1970
  19. Cahito Vidal Y El Grupo La Nave "No Quero Rezo" – Disco Rumba del Año: Superbailables, Kolumbia ?
26. 4. 2012 eesti podcast

Kes ja kuna kasutas viimati "Saada sõbrale" funktsionaalsust Eesti veebilehtedel? Kas võiks selle koos päkapikudiskoga maha matta?

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Visual Storytelling workshop in DDVE

The goal of the workshop to rediscover the fun of drawing, improve visual thinking and help to communicate the ideas in graphic form.

We kicked of the workshop with the legendary RSA series, namely the Changing Education Paradigms lecture -- and then was time to clear the tables, close the MacBooks and get the black markers ready.

First, we started of some freehand circles to loosen up and re-enable motor skills we all once had. So, draw as fast as you can: six medium circles, six small circles, some circles have babies, circle Inception, Mother Earth Circle.

From there, we continued with human expressions: happy, sad, surprised, terrified, exchausted, angry, excited, ashamed:

Then on to object drawing: from simple everyday objects to tricker concepts: toothbrush, sausage, car, bus stop, clock, sausage sandwitch, keycard, french press, cubicles, getting late for an academic quater, speeding camera:

Now it was time to some typographic doodling: write the names of five Estonian celebrities, come up with typefaces that express the personality of the particular person.

Finally, we moved to storyboards: illustrate you day so far -- from getting out of the bed to make it to the class.

15. 4. 2012 teaching

See mäng defineerib Eesti Nu-Pogodi põlvkonna

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Millised eesti veebivormid toovad kõige rohkem pisara palgele? Keegi nimetas Äriregistrit. Mis veel?

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Küsimus suurele ringile: kas Eestis on mõni Grouponi kloon arenduses?

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Will #osx merge it's long-abandoned speech recognition with spotlight and #siri, finally creating a working voice UI for desktop?

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@sportlyzer @jaanus Here's more #ux feedback using @cageapp, this time on sports startup

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@pixtape Here's some initial UX feedback

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Biggest @ClimateReality -denying country in the world? I vote for #estonia #reality

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Kuulge, sõbrad muusikud - mis litsensi all te oma muusikat välja annate? Kas Creative Commons või All Rights Reserved?

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@mr_nestor There is no best CMS. Some just do better than others in certain use cases. It can easily happen that #drupal won't fit you

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Located in Tallinn, #estonia? Digging #drupal? Join us tomorrow, 16 Aug 15:00 in impromptu hack session #drupalcamp

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Feiser! Kaua ettevalmistet Eesti rariteetse džässi ja bossa intervjuu Tiit Paulusega on valmis

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Tiit Pauluse muusikasaade

Seekord on kavas erisaade (varasemaid saateid saab kuulata siit): keskendume Eesti džässile ja selle bossa-, folgi-, souli- ja fungielementidele ning räägime Tiit Paulusega, legendaarse kitarristiga, Brasiilia muusika esimese populariseerijaga Eestis. Saade on salvestatud 6. augustil 2011 Kuressaare muusikakoolis, koostöös Kuressaare kitarrilaagriga. Kaasa löövad ka Andre Maaker, Marek Talts, Paul Daniel jt. Ahjaa, vabandan liigse ruumikaja pärast, polnud paremat tehnikat võtta. Jutuvolüümi kavatsen muidugi tõsta ja faili uuesti üles panna – kui mahti on.

Tõmba alla Tiit Pauluse muusikasaade (1:34:35 90MB 128kb MP3).


  1. 00:00:00 Jaan Kumani instrumentaalansambel "Kirsiõite tolm" (Olav Ehala) – Estraadipalu (C62 05515–16), 1975
  2. 00:06:03 Jaan Kumani instrumentaalansambel "Hei, poisid, pingutage! (Mõõdukas Biit)" (Uno Naissoo) – Tantsurütme I (C62 06889–90), 1976
  3. 00:15:52 Raivo Tammiku instrumentaalansambel "Ratastel" – Ratastel / Kahekesi õhtul (CM-0003913–4), 1975 + Jaan Kumani instrumentaalansambel "Ratastel" (Olav Ehala) – Estraadipalu (C62 05515–16), 1975 (edit)
  4. 00:22:16 Jaak Joala ja Collage "Öölaul" (Raivo Tammik) – Jaak Joala (C60 05965–6), 1976
  5. 00:25:13 Els Himma, Tiit Paulus ja Helmut Aniko "Samba" (Baden-Powell) – ERR arhiiv, 1977
  6. 00:33:30 Vinicius de Moraes "Berimbau" (Baden-Powell) – En la Fusa con Maria Creuza y Toquinho, 1970 (edit)
  7. 00:40:49 Džässkvartett Tallinn "Vera Cruz" (Milton Nascimento) – Džässkvartett Tallinn (C60 197830–07), 1983
  8. 00:45:43 Jim Hall "Vera Cruz" – …Where Would I Be? (Milestone 9037), 1971
  9. 00:46:55 Uno Naissoo "Valss-grotesk (Telefilmist "Aastaring")" – Mälestusi kodust (С60 09439–40), 1978
  10. 00:53:00 Jan Johansson "Lapp nils polska" – Äventyr I Jazz Och Folkmusik, 1965
  11. 01:00:37 Uno Naissoo "Pastoraal" – Mälestusi kodust (С60 09439–40), 1978 + Tiit Paulus "Pastoraal" – Tiit Paulus ja sõbrad (C60–15457–8), 1981 (edit)
  12. 01:09:02 Tiit Paulus "Topi" – Tiit Paulus ja sõbrad (C60–15457–8), 1981
  13. 01:15:14 Heidy Tamme & Tiit Pauluse ansambel "Suvi" (Russel) – ERR arhiiv, ?
  14. 01:22:57 Tiit Paulus "Selle suve laul" – Избранное эстонского джаза (C60–25043–4), 1987

Tänud: Tiit Paulus, Andre Maaker, Martin Jõela, Olavi Pesti, Pavel "SovietGroove" jpt.

14. 8. 2011 eesti podcast

Mängime homme 9. aug 11:00 Kuressaare muusikakoolis parimat Eesti gruuvi, kamraadidest J.Kumanist, R.Tammikust, H.Anikost jt räägib T.Paulus

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