Kristjan Jansen

History of Drupal logos continues in Chicago. UPDATE -- will not continue

My recent oddball piece of Drupal memorabilia, History of Drupal logos got some tremendeous feedback – thanks, guys! – it seems it struck the nostalgia nerve of the community.

Lets continue the quest to dig our CVS treasures and relive those memories. So I proposed a short fun session in Drupalcon Chicago, aligned to the "10 years of Drupal" theme of the conference:

History of Druplicon (Track: Drupal Community, Experience: Beginner)

If it gets selected to Drupalcon (yes, it depends how you vote ;), I'd like to run some interviews with the vets of the community to get more insight into those crazy early days and get the session more personal. You know who you are!

UPDATE: My session was not the lucky one, I'm a no-go Drupalcon Chicago this year.